Hi Everyone,

We are two Debt Collective organizers who have been travelling across Michigan this week meeting with current and former Everest students about their student loans and discussing how we can work together to get those debts discharged.

Here is a pic of downtown Grand Rapids.

We couldn't get home on schedule because of the storm in the east.

Laura is napping at the airport.
Here's Laura napping at the airport.

We came to Michigan because we heard that students at closing campuses were pressured into signing away their right to a refund, and we wanted to document their stories.

We have met or spoken to dozens of people who want to fight back against Corinthian (parent company of Everest, Heald, and Wyotech) and the Department of Education.

Many students in Grand Rapids told us they were bullied by campus and corporate officials. Here is Mallory's experience:

Other students shared stories about their struggle to repay student loans.

Jackie in Detroit told us that her Genesis payments started out small but quickly spiraled out of control after graduation.

Roshanda in Kalamazoo told us that she can't pay her Federal loans with the money she earns as an LPN.

Rhonda in Grand Rapids told us she was lied to about her credits transferring and is enraged that she will have to start over to get her RN degree.

Sabrina in Caledonia struggled to attend school while caring for her three young children. She wanted a fulfilling career helping others. Instead, she's buried in debt.

While some Everest campuses are closing down, most are being sold to debt collector ECMC. But all Corinthian students have one thing in common: they want their debts discharged and Corinthian and the Dept of Ed held responsible.

Here is Mallory again explaining what needs to happen next.

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