Yesterday, fifteen courageous former students of Everest College launched an historic student debt strike.

Corinthian Colleges Inc, the parent company of Everest, has been accused of fraud and predatory lending. With the support of the Debt Collective and media and legal experts, the “Corinthian 15” is refusing to pay their loans and demanding that the Department of Education cancel their debt.

Many more people contacted us and said they wanted to join the strike. We'll update the numbers as soon as we can. For now, we want to share some images from the strike training weekend.


On President’s Day weekend, some members of the Corinthian 15 and supporters met in San Francisco to prepare for the strike and film a statement.

As part of the two-day workshop, former Corinthian students learned from Bay Area lawyers that the law is not on their side. And yet, they are tired of waiting for politicians and public officials to do the right thing. Instead, they are taking back power and demanding a full discharge of their loans and the loans of all current and former Corinthian students.

Corinthian extracted billions in tax payer money over two decades, lining the pockets of executives and wealthy investors while taking advantage of students. The campuses are now shutting down or being sold off as a result of lawsuits by state and federal agencies. But students are still expected to repay their student loans. The Corinthian 15 is inviting other Corinthian students from across the country to join their fight.


Strikers and supporters have declared: enough is enough!

San Francisco was the second gathering of Corinthian students and supporters. The first was held in Los Angeles in November. Former Corinthian students spoke at the Department of Education public hearing and later staged a protest at the Santa Ana branch of Everest College.


Striker Latonya Suggs led a protest at Everest in Los Angeles in November.

Since the Department of Education did not grant students’ demands that day, students and supporters decided to gather in San Francisco to plan the next phase of the campaign. There was lots of work to do to prepare for the strike. But students from different parts of the country also found time to have fun and celebrate their history-making campaign.


Who knew launching a student debt strike could be so much fun?

As the strike grows in numbers, Corinthian students’ demands will be harder to ignore. To make sure they are heard, strikers are speaking with one voice: “To the Department of Education, to the loan servicers, to the Genesis lending company, to Corinthian and to ECMC, we have one thing to say: we owe you nothing.”

Current and former students of Everest are invited to join the   Corinthian Collective to learn more about other ways they can fight back together. Anyone who wants to join the strike will be given a chance to do so. Potential strikers should start by logging in to the National Student Loan Database to view information about their student loans. And we'll be in touch. Solidarity!