On March 31, Corinthian strike team members and Debt Collective organizers met with officials from the CFPB, the Treasury Dept, and the Department of Education in Washington DC to demand debt cancellation for all Corinthian students.

The DOE, the agency that has the authority to cancel student loans, agreed to meet with us again in 30 days. Last week, we wrote a letter to the Department reminding them of our demands and requesting that they schedule the promised follow-up meeting.

Since then, nine state Attorneys General have also sent a letter to Secretary Duncan asking his agency to cancel all Corinthian students' loans on the grounds that they were defrauded.

Here is the text of the letter we sent to the DOE.

In the letter, we included our proposed plan for debt cancellation to assist the Department as it makes a decision about how to proceed.

We await a response from Secretary Duncan.