You may be owed a full refund of your federal student loans.

Here’s how to find out.

Corinthian Colleges Inc—which was composed of the Everest, Heald, Wyotech schools—closed the last of its campuses on April 27th.

If you are a student of one of these Corinthian campus that closed on April 27th, you may be eligible to have your federal student loans canceled by applying for a "closed school discharge."

If you were still enrolled on April 27, 2015 then you are eligible for a refund.


  • If you withdrew on or after June 20, 2014 (from a school that closed on April 27, 2015) then you are also eligible for a refund.


We recommend that you take the closed school discharge ! Demand your money back!

If you transfer even ONE credit to another school, you CANNOT get your money back.

The general closed school discharge form link is here.

When you are done filling out this form, you mail it to your loan servicer.

Here are some more resources:

  1. For California students, the Attorney General has a fantastic online tool to help students figure out if they are eligible for a closed school discharge. At the end, you can enter your email and it will email you the form you need to fill out.
  2. If you have any questions about how to fill out the closed school discharge form, there is a walk through and a sample cover letter in this PDF. This resource includes a sample cover letter you can include. Page 8 and later of this PDF is the most relevant.
  3. The National Consumer Law Center has a "Closed School Tips and FAQs" resource.
  4. Groups in Los Angeles have been putting together in-person legal clinics for students. One group is the Legal Aid Foundation of CA.
  5. If you are in Washington state,  this group of legal advocates may be able to help:

Here is a summary of this information in a printable flyer: