Over 4,000 former students from Everest College, Art Institute, ITT Tech, and other predatory schools have filed Defense to Repayment (DTR) with the Department of Education to dispute their fraudulent loans. However, students are reporting that the Department is continuing to garnish wages and tax returns for debts that have been legally disputed.

If your wages and/or tax refund is being garnished, you can fight back. First, be sure to fill out the Defense to Repayment form. Then, email Federal Student Aid at to demand an immediate end to the garnishment and a refund of any money already seized from your paycheck or tax return.

What else could you say to the office of Federal Student Aid in your email? You could tell them that the Department of Education already has all of the information it needs to stop garnishing students. You might want to remind them that, instead of taking people’s hard earned wages and tax returns, the Department should get behind a campaign to claw back money from the executives of fraudulent schools.

They could start with Jack Massimino, the former CEO of Corinthian College, Inc. They could demand the repossession of his $11.3 million mansion in Utah or his $25,000 diamond ring. Basically, the Department of Education should pretend that for-profit college executives are students and then bleed them dry the way they’ve been bleeding students for years. Instead of sending their attack dogs at ECMC after students, they should send them after Wells Fargo, the largest shareholder of Corinthian College, Inc. or Goldman Sachs, one of the main investors in Art Institutes.

Are you being garnished? Write to Federal Student Aid and tell them to STOP garnishing disputed debts and go after the real criminals instead.

Image by Susie Cagle