ITT recently closed as a result of the Department of Education's announcement that it will stop funding the schools, effective immediately. This is a move that would not have happened without pressure from students who have been organizing and making their voices heard.

For more than a year, former ITT Tech students and have been demanding that the school shut down and that the Department of Education cancel the student loans of all who attended the school.  To make their voices heard, students have been:

-Burning their Degrees

-Protesting on the street

-Protesting on campus

-Making their voices heard on social media

-Speaking out at the Department of Education's negotiated rulemaking session in Washington DC.

-Submitting hundreds of Defense to Repayment applications and demanding debt discharges due to ITT Tech's criminal behavior.

What does the closure of ITT mean for you?


If you are a current ITT Student you should withdraw immediately and encourage everybody you know to withdraw immediately. Most employers do not like to hire former ITT students and most colleges do not accept credits from ITT.

To withdraw, simply fill out this template and submit it to the Dean of your campus. They will likely require you to go through an exit interview where they try to dissuade you from withdrawing. Stand firm--they are in panic mode and will say anything.

Do not take a “teachout." Do not agree to transfer your credits to another sham school. Transferring credits could mean you will not get the discharge that you could get if ITT closes before you complete your program. Read more about teachouts here.

Once the campus closes, fill out this closed school discharge application and follow the instructions on it to submit it to the Department of Education.

If you want to continue your education, you can do so after filing for a closed school discharge. ITT Tech credits don't transfer, so you would likely have had to start over anyway. This way you can do it with less debt hanging over your head. We recommend going to public schools--comunity colleges, e.g., not other for profits (which are almost all scams).


All former students should submit a defense to repayment application. Doing so means you are disputing your loans based on the fact that ITT sold you a lie. You can do so no matter when you went to ITT. Encourage former ITT student you know to submit one--the more people the Department of Education hears from, the more likely they are to feel the pressure.

If you withdrew recently (within 120 days of the school's closure), you should also file for a closed school discharge.

You should also encourage any current students you know to withdraw. Here is a template they can use to submit a letter to their school. Once the school closes, current students or those who have recently withdrawn should also submit a closed school discharge application.

The Debt Collective is fighting for a discharge for ALL former ITT Tech students. We need to keep the pressure on the Department of Education in all the ways described above.


Employees who know about ITT's wrongdoing and want to share with somebody who can do something about it should contact the Harvard attorneys here. If you're a student who knows an employee who wants to talk, please send them to the link above.

Together, we can make sure that ITT's long overdue death helps students get justice and pushes other predatory for-profit colleges into extinction.

Stay updated by joining the ITT Warriors Facebook page. Together we can stay up-to-date on what will be a very fast moving situation.