To all former AI students, let's keep organizing for debt relief!

If you were defrauded, manipulated, lied to or deceived by EDMC (the owner of Art Institute), you are not alone. The accreditors have neglected to protect you. They need to be held responsible.

In just a few simple steps, anyone that attended any Art Institute campus can use the template below to create a statement that demands that AI's accreditors REVOKE the school's accreditation.

What Are Accreditors?

Accreditors are the private companies that approve schools for academic quality. They are gate keepers for federal funds. If we force the companies to deny campuses accreditation or force the accreditors themselves to shut down (as we did recently with ACICS), we cut off the flow of funds to predatory schools and help prove that our debt is illegimate.

Why File a Complaint?

This action is intended to organize and unite the students that the accreditors failed to protect. This is your chance to share your experience if you did not receive a quality education.

It is time these accreditors know that WE KNOW they have the authority to end the abuse within the system of higher education. File a complaint and help build the pressure against the for-profit scam.

To Submit a Complaint:

  1. Read the instrutions here
  2. Click this link to access the Google folder and select your campus
  3. Use the template for the campus you attended and use the email addresses provided in the instructions