When ITT Tech declared bankruptcy, former ITT students in the Debt Collective sprung into action. Working with Harvard's Project on Predatory Student Lending, they formed a group to represent former ITT students' interest in the bankruptcy proceedings.

This effort had its first concrete victory earlier this week. In the face of arguments presented by the student representatives, the bankruptcy judge ruled that ITT's "temporary credits" are no longer collectible and, additionally, that any amount paid on these loans since the beginning of bankruptcy must be refunded to debtors. Temporary credits were debts owed directly to ITT after 2013. UAS and First Source have been collecting on them.

If you went to ITT in 2013 or after and have been contacted by UAS and/or First Source about temporary credits, this ruling applies to you. You should not pay those debts and you can expect refunds if you have been paying them. The refunds will not come until the bankruptcy process has ended, however. This is likely to take months.

If you have PEAKS or CUSO loans, this does not apply to you. But stay tuned! When we fight, we win.

More details at PPSL's site.