As the Trump administration makes nice with for-profit colleges and threatens to roll back those small gains we have won so far, we are building an organization that will have real power against creditors and the government agencies that do their bidding. We're building power by canvassing in our local neighborhoods. We are talking to our family, friends, and neighbors about:

1) What kinds of debts they have and what their needs are. 2) Which creditors and collectors are harassing our local communities. 3) What positive policies people want to see become a reality.

We're using this information to strengthen our fight against for-profit colleges and their creditors while developing new organizing campaigns around multiple types of debt.

To learn more about the canvassing team, join one of our canvassing conference calls (details on Facebook). All the materials you need to start canvassing are located in this folder:


Please add your canvassing data to this form so we can keep it all in one place.