The Debt Collective has always had a healthy skepticism when it comes to rhetoric from both sides of the aisle (Democrats and Republicans). We have said this from the beginning and we've always suggested people read the fine print! So let’s talk about the incoming administration.

Trump is a wealthy man collaborating with wealthy people who have been in government for years.

We need to be clear about a few things. Since the 1970s wages have flatlined while the cost of accessing our basic goods like healthcare, education and housing have skyrocketed. Our worker protections were stripped away and at the same time jobs went overseas because corporations could pay off governments to supply cheap, slave labor abroad.

Here in the USA everyone is in debt. We are in debt because wages aren’t high enough. We are in debt because it costs too much to access our basic needs and because our basic needs are being held hostage by private companies who expect us to pay out of pocket for them - or go into debt.

Credit you are forced to take on because there is no other way to get what you need is a false choice, an illegit contract.

We know everyone is in debt. They just don’t really want to talk about it. It's not an individual problem. It's not a "work harder you'll get ahead" or "you didn't work hard enough to get ahead" problem.

Sixty-seven percent of bankruptcies are connected to medical debt; someone gets sick and they lose everything. People are either paying hefty mortgages or the rent is too damn high. There is no getting out from under it. Education has shot up 1000%. Someone is making a lot of money.

But let’s get back to jobs for a minute. Corporations won the earlier fight against workers, worldwide. But even that money isn’t enough. They want more so they don’t bother to pay taxes on the earnings they make off your backs … essentially cleaning your clock.

Wealthy people are on a tax strike.

That means instead of massive gains and taxes going toward public services (keeping water clean, education, healthcare, THE BASICS) we are forced to borrow from rich people in order to pay for these public goods. THIS IS DEAD WRONG, CRAZY and UNDEMOCRATIC.

The system is rigged against us. The rich are on a tax strike, and now we are forced to borrow from them. And THEN They capture our tax dollars AGAIN with scams like for-profit schools.

The mega-rich are shameless. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about our society. They care about power and money.

These people are Democrats and Republicans. They do not have to bother with borders. They can move themselves and their money wherever they want. They don't pay taxes. They don't need to bother with rules and can screw people over. They do not worry about any consequences because they have bought off politicians worldwide.

The incoming administration is not exempt from those practices. Everyone Trump is moving in has money and has built wealth off all our backs.

So, we will need to learn more about how Power works over the coming months and years. And we will make demands.

Power In Numbers. Don't get brainwashed by politicians. We are going to go out and challenge this administration as much as we did the Democrats. We are going to make demands to address the problems described above. We are going to push back against these bigger trends. People need to get educated about these things.

We need to understand what we are up against on both sides of the aisle. And we need to stick together. We need everyone to make shared universal demands. Don't blame one another. Do not blame immigrants or communities unlike you. We are effective when we fight for everyone to be treated in a respectful manner. That is common decency. If we can do that, we will win MANY efforts in the long run, together.

Did you know that roughly 62 people hold as much wealth as half of the worlds population? How does that make you feel? Let's look outside the 4profit education sector to understand the full picture, get smart, and fight back together!

Love, the DC